"We were afraid to use the word "phasing" because it might hurt fundraising" says Astoria Mayor Willis Van Dusen in explaining the very careful language being used to describe just how the city will manage to build the long awaited "Garden Of Surging Waves" after the construction bids came in higher than the amount raised so far.  Mulvanny G2 designer Swenn Ho explained in a presentation on Tuesday evening that she and city staff have established a construction schedule around the fundraising that will be accomplished in sequences with the underground infrastructure including foundations and footings along with underground utilities for the cultural park and some of the landscaping and some placement of the stored artwork taking place in that first sequence.  Ho told the city council there will be at least four sequences necessary to complete the project.  The council voted to approve a $798,498 contract with Robinson Construction for the first sequence.  The total cost of the project is estimated at $1,236,669.  The total amount raised for the garden so far amounts to $973,604.00.

In other action Tuesday night the city council approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation Walkway/Bikeway Project for a $100,000.00 grant that will be applied to the reconstruction of the 8th and Commercial street intersection which staff reports will be torn apart beginning in April of this year and rebuilt as a concrete intersection as part of a massive project to separate storm water run-off from sewer water. Called the 11th street CSO project, the work will include shutting down the 8th and Commercial intersection for 21 days and re-routing traffic past that very busy intersection.  The project will continue after that intersection is completed for eight more months with the entire roadway on 8th street replaced curb to curb in a phased approach that will begin at Commercial street and end on Niagra. There are several other downtown streets affected but in those cases crews will be trenching to replace lines, run new lines and improve catch basins leading to a new outflow for storm water on 9th street.


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