Lincoln County School District (LCSD) has been awarded $3 million in federal funding for a project designed to reduce the loss of lives and property destruction in the event of a tsunami or other catastrophic flooding at the site of the existing Waldport High School.

The Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stipulates that the agency will purchase all structures and development rights on the WHS campus. In turn, the school district will demolish and remove the school buildings, portable classrooms, and grandstands; restore the 11.47-acre site into open space; and maintain the property in perpetuity with no future development other than that related to the open-space use.

"When we learned about this grant, we thought it could be of great benefit to both the school district and the community," said LCSD Support Services Director Rich Belloni. "We can potentially turn the high school property into a space for community use without spending district funds, and we won't have an empty school to maintain, which can be very expensive."



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