The Japan Environmental Action Network known as JEAN is a non-governmental organization that is coordinating a visit to Oregon. They recognize the importance of collaborating with US organizations and communities to research and report how Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris has been affecting US coastal communities.  The Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami resulted in approximately 5 million tons of debris that washed into the Pacific Ocean. Most of that debris sank off the coast of Japan, but an estimated 1.5 million tons were caught by currents and began reaching the western coast of the United States last year.

Through this visit, JEAN and other participating Japanese organizations want to share information about the disaster recovery effort with US audiences. The visit will take place February 14-16  in Lincoln City. SOLVE is coordinating a public beach cleanup and they need more help. The beach cleanup will take place at Chinook Winds Casino Resort at 9:00 am February 15. According to Briana Goodwin SOLVE coordinator said this will be a good educational opportunity for the Japanese delegation to be able to see the amount and degree of the debris that is washing ashore.




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