A recently completed Oregon State University study estimated the economic effects of the state park system on the Oregon Coast.

A 2011 survey of park visitors and subsequent analysis by Eric M. White, Darren Goodding, and Randall S. Rosenberger at OSU's College of Forestry revealed the effects of 23 million annual visits to Oregon State Parks on the coastal economy.

State park visitors who travel from outside the area to enjoy a state park spend an average of $76-241 per group, per trip. Thanks to the chain reaction of business spending that results from the infusion of visitor dollars, non-local visitors have a total local estimated impact of $371 million in direct and indirect sales, and $115 million in labor income affecting 5,942 full and part-time jobs on the coast.

"This work by OSU confirmed our belief that state parks are not only important in their own right," said Tim Wood, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Director, "but also generate value and wealth all along the coast."

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