Friday, May 27, 2016

Saturday Astoria Safeway reported a female tried to pass a  fraudulent check for $310.27 written by a "Julia Lewis." When the
store tried to verify the information through Bank of America, the female just left everything and left the store. Bank of America also told
him that the checking account on the check had been closed for over
one year.
On Sunday a female described at white in her mid to late 20's, skinny,
with dark hair showing blond highlight tried to pay for $265.00 worth
of shoes and clothes at Famous Brand Footwear using a check under
"Julia Lewis". The store did not honor the check and placed her items
on hold. On Monday a white male 6 foot with scratches on his face and
neck wearing a stocking cap tried to recover the property using a credit
card under "Trudy McArther". The store did not honor the credit card
and he was last seen leaving the area north on HWY 101.
The vehicle involved in the Seaside activity is described as a white 2012
Chev Malibu four door Oregon License 753FTJ. The vehicle is a rental
car out of Tualatin Oregon.
Merchants coming in contact with anyone using these names should
contact their local police department immediately.

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