Secretary of State Kate Brown is warning Oregon companies to be on the alert for a mailing that deceptively looks like it is from the Oregon Corporation Division.

A number of businesses have reported receiving an official-looking invoice entitled, "Compliance Filings Center -- Annual Minutes Compliance Notice." The mailing requests detailed information about the business and a $150 "Certificate of Minutes" preparation fee. The invoice lists a return address of 4676 Commercial Street SE, #169, Salem, OR 97302.

An example of the scam is posted on the Secretary of State website.

Despite its appearance, this invoice was NOT sent by the Secretary of State's Corporation Division and is not authorized by the State of Oregon. While the invoice contains references to Oregon business law, businesses receiving this mailing are advised that they can prepare annual minutes and corporate records themselves without paying this fee.

Secretary of State Brown recommends carefully reading solicitations to determine if they are actually from a government agency and require a response. Some deceptive solicitations from private organizations are difficult to distinguish from government correspondence at first glance. Only a careful reading reveals a disclaimer noting that the organization is not government affiliated.

The Oregon Business Corporations Act requirements for Annual Meetings and Corporate Records are available on the Corporation Division's website Corporations needing legal advice on corporate records requirements should contact a licensed attorney.

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