January 25th  just after 5pm an off duty Lincoln City police officer observed the driver of a PT Cruiser in the Price N Pride parking lot who appeared intoxicated as the driver was observed erratically driving through the parking lot. The driver then pulled out onto hwy 101 and the driver drove to the Lincoln City police department parking lot, unaware of where he was and was stopped by police. The driver was identified as 49-year old Brian Harles of Lincoln City.

He failed the field sobriety test and his consented blood alcohol content showed a .16. Officers informed Harles he was being cited and released for DUII, he could not drive as his license had been taken and a cab had been called to transport him home. He reportedly told officers he needed to get some things from his car and he was warned that he could get items from his car but he could not to drive. Harles  however when he got to the car he drove away. He was pulled over once again, this time his car was impounded and he was taken to the Lincoln County jail and lodged on the second charge of DUII.

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