Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's a Win, Win,Win situation when the 28th annual On Air Auction hits the airwaves on all five Ohana Media Group radio stations this Saturday beginning at 9:00am.  Each year since the auction was founded in 1985 on KAST 1370 AM listeners have the opportunity to bid on hundreds of items with an opening bid starting at half the retail price of the item.

 Clients in the auction who supply the various products and services get valuable advertising credit equal to the full retail value of their items regardless of actual selling price which is a real value to a business of any size.  Finally, it's important to note that this is not a charity auction and provides a revenue stream for Ohana Media Group which helps the company continue to offer quality local content and family wage jobs to the communities the media company serves including live, local radio shows, state-of-the-art website development and support, along with Internet streaming and the only active radio news service in the region with 24 hour coverage in times of community need.

While the basic principals of operation have remained the same, the On Air Auction has evolved over nearly three decades to take advantage of advancements in technology through the use of live streaming and web support and the additional simulcasting technology that makes it possible to broadcast the event on all five of the company's radio stations serving the entire region which makes audience participation broader and, ultimately, much easier.  Anyone may make a bid on any item in the Auction with the exception of staff. Clients may even bid on any item other than the one they may have up for sale. 

Part of the event includes an opportunity to call in a "pre-bid" on Friday night between 4pm and 6pm.  This service was added to provide another opportunity to participate for those who might be planning to travel away from the area on Saturday.  By making their best pre bid amount on Friday evening it is possible to win the bid when items are sold on the air on Saturday as long as no one makes a larger bid. The pre bidder may also call in a higher bid on the item during the auction.  It's important to note that no item will be closed and sold on Friday night.

Complete information and a complete item listing for the 28th Annual On Air Auction is Available HERE

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