We're set for another round of amazing deals in this year's on-air auction.  In case you've never participated in one, here's how it works:

Tune in on Saturday morning, January 18th beginning at 9:00am.

Auction Item List:

[notice class="notice"]NOTE:  This is a temporary listing of current auction items. These items are subject to change at any time. Please check back weekly or call for more details at 503-861-6620.[/notice]


The auction is simulcast on the following stations:

  • KAST 1370 AM
  • KCRX 102.3 FM
  • KLMY 99.7 FM
  • KVAS 103.9 FM
  • KVAS 1230 AM

We feature many items from various local businesses.  These range from physical products, like furniture and appliances, to services like music lessons and gym memberships; and of course lots of great food from area restaurants.  When an item is goes up for bids, you can make your bid by simply calling 503-861-6640.  All bidding begins at 1/2 of the retail value regardless of what the item is.  If we're auctioning a $50 gift certificate for a restaurant, we will open the bid at $25.  You can stock up and save big on the places you love or the ones you've been dying to try!


What items will be auctioned?

Scroll down for a list of items. The list is subject to change and is not considered final until the auction has begun.
What do I need to bid?

  • Radio
  • Phone
  • Credit card

Can I listen to the auction online?

Yes, but depending on the speed of your internet connection and the amount of people connected, you may be up to a minute or more behind the live broadcast.  If you're monitoring the auction from one of our websites and you hear an item that you would like to bid on, we suggest calling right away.  Once the item has closed, you may be too late if there are no extras, so if you're waiting on a particular item, start dialing as soon as you hear the bidding begin.

What Are "Extras"?

We often have more than one of a particular item.  After the item has closed, we will announce if there are extras or not.  The extras will be available at the same price as the winning bid.  We will continue to sell the extras on a separate phone number until they are gone.  Not all items will have extras.  If you hear an item you'd like to bid on, don't assume that there are extras or you may be disappointed.  The Extras phone number is listed below in the phone numbers section.

What Is A "Pre-Bid"

If you have an item that you know you want, but you're afraid you'll miss on Saturday's live auction, you can call our Pre-Bid line on Friday January 18th between 4pm and 6pm.  Your card will not be charged unless you have the winning bid.  We cannot do incremental bids.  When you make your pre-bid, we will open the bidding at the price you have set.  If you do not get outbid, you will win the item and pay the price you agreed to.

When Can I Get My Items?

Items purchased may be picked up at our studios beginning the following Monday, January 21st between 8am and 5pm.  Most items will be presented to you in the form of an official document which you will present to the retailer and redeem for the merchandise or service you have paid for.

What Are The Phone Numbers?

  • The Friday Pre-Bid line (Friday 4pm-6pm) is 503-861-6642

Phone Numbers for Saturday's Live Radio Auction:

  • Pre-Bid Line   503-861-6642   (Bid on items that have not yet come up for bids)
  • Live Bids   503-861-6640   (Call to bid on the item you hear on the air)
  • Extras Line   503-861-6638     (Call to purchase extra items)

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