On December 25, 2012, at 6:00 PM Astoria Police responded to a reported assault at 1245 W. Marine Drive. When police arrived they found a seriously injured Gary Nestor, age 64 of Astoria. Nestor had a head injury.

Investigation revealed that Kimberly Dickson (a 46 year old Astoria woman with no known address) had come to Nestor's home to get away from her boyfriend who had beaten her up. While Dickson was at Nestor's home the boyfriend Darrell John Fields age 49 (an Astoria area transient, pictured right) came to the house and a confronted Nestor. During a fight that ensued, Fields pushed Nestor down the front stairs of the apartment. Nestor struck his head during this fall.

After Nestor fell, a witness saw Fields pull Dickson out of the apartment and into a maroon color station wagon. The witness could offer no better description. The witness believes though that the driver of the station wagon has a first name of David.

Nestor's condition is unknown but he was transported from CMH to a Portland area hospital.

Astoria Police are seeking both Dickson, to ensure her safety, and Fields. Anyone with information about where either is located should contact Astoria Police at 503.325.4411.

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