A change in the Oregon Department of Revenue's electronic payment service
providers could cause some taxpayers to miss payments due in January, the agency
announced today.
Revenue's contract with Georgia-based firm Official Payments will expire on January 3.
The agency is sending a letter to more than 3,000 taxpayers who use Official Payments,
notifying them of the change and urging them to switch to another electronic payment
service or alternate payment method.
"We don't want people to miss a payment to Revenue through no fault of their own, so
we are trying to get the word out," Administrative Services Administrator Larry Warren
Revenue officials particularly want to reach people who recently established a payment
plan through Official Payments, since they likely will not receive the written notice. "If
you've recently set up a recurring payment, you may not get a letter but your payment
will still be affected," Warren said.
Taxpayers who are concerned about their payment plan or have questions about any
correspondence they receive from the Department of Revenue should contact the agency
at 503-378-4988 or 1-800-356-4222.

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