Peter Roscoe has served on the Astoria City Council for the last eight years and Monday was his last meeting. Roscoe lost his seat in a hard fought General Election campaign that will see the victor Drew Herzig take over the Ward 2 seat in January. Roscoe said during his council report that since it was his last he would speak a little longer than normal and he thanked everyone for those eight years saying "It was fun".

 Mayor Van Dusen presented Roscoe with a framed city plate designed with the city seal and words of thanks for his service and followed it up by giving Roscoe a hug.  Roscoe said "when one door closes a new baby is conceived" saying he plans to concentrate his efforts on reviving the faltering Astoria Regatta.


 It was announced recently that the annual festival was to be put on hold in 2013 after the organization failed to find someone to volunteer to lead the association.  Past Regatta Association President Eric Paulson served for both 2011 and 2012 and said no one would step forward as President for 2013. He said he hoped the association would regroup and be back on track for 2014.  Roscoe told the crowded city council meeting Monday that he is in conversations with those who have already stepped forward to help with certain elements like the Grand Land parade and indicated that some of the events might still take place in 2013.  Roscoe said that anyone interested in getting involved should talk with him "You know here to find me..At Fulios'.

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