The next phase of Astoria's efforts to prevent sewage from hitting the Columbia River will take place in April of 2013 with completion projected in November and will result in a complete rebuild of 8th street. Among other things the project involves connecting some 10,000 feet of new pipe under the streets in and around the downtown area.  City staff presented the project plan to the Astoria City Council Monday evening.

 The project will begin April 1, 2013 with the three week closure of the 8th and Commercial intersection which will be transformed from a failing asphalt surface to a hardy reinforced concrete.  In May work begins going uphill on 8th street to Niagra street with plans calling for the removal of the asphalt surface and most sidewalks, the placement of new water, sewer and stormwater pipes and then new asphalt curb to curb and replacement sidewalks.  The city will require that the work be done in increments of no more than three blocks at a time and each block will take three weeks to complete.  If the project is finished on time the entire street, sidewalks and buried utilities will be complete in November of 2013.  There are other streets involved in this phase of the CSO project but in most cases those will just require a trench for new storm water pipe rather than digging up the entire road then filling and repaving the trenched area. Part of this project will replace a failed outfall at 9th street which the engineers say can be done by "pipe-bursting" which is a tunneling technique that will place a new pipe inside the old outfall pipe without trenching the entire street from Marine drive to the river.


The city has posted a summary on line here

Project coordinator Cindy Moore told the Council Monday that the planning process calls for a public meeting on January 15th but a location for the meeting has not been set as yet.  The request for bids from contractors is scheduled for release on February 5, 2013.  The contract should be awarded by March 18, 2013 with construction beginning on April 1, 2013 beginning with the 8th and commercial intersection. Moore said that the city is looking at providing a contractor incentive plan to get the work done more quickly as long as the quality of the project is not threatened.  

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