On December 17. 2012 at 0808 Astoria Police Responded to a report that a male subject had pointed a rifle at his care giver and made threats to Charter Cable employees. Officers responded and contacted the caregiver who was no longer with the subject. She reported that while at a regularly scheduled visit with a 52 year old male subject who lives at 1508 Exchange St. he became upset over a billing dispute with Charter Cable. During that dispute he retrieved what was reported to be a bolt action rifle. The care giver said that he worked the action on the rifle and then put it to his shoulder pointing it out the window and saying "bang, bang." He also made threats that he would shoot any Charter Cable employees that he saw.

When Officers arrived at 1508 Exchange they found the subject standing in the parking lot with a worker from Coast Rehabilitation Services. When interviewed by police he indicated that he: had overreacted, that the gun was not real, and he needed help. He said that the rifle was a prop from marching in the Regatta parade two years ago. The subject voluntarily went to Columbia Memorial Hospital to see a mental health worker and was then lodged at the Clatsop County Jail on a charge of Menacing.

Astoria Police located a rifle that was a pellet gun action placed on a full size rifle stock. The gun was not in working condition as a pelet gun because of the modification. Astoria Police also took the stock that was adjacent to the pellet gun which the subject described as his musket.

Because of the unique nature of this incident Astoria Police are not publishing the suspects name. There are several factors, especially since the report comes from a health care provider and the services of Coast Rehabilitation and Clatsop Behavioral were involved. Astoria Police do not believe there is a danger to the community from this subject. He is actively seeking help with the events that lead to this mornings call.

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