Charities are required to file periodic financial reports with the Oregon Department
of Justice documenting their national fundraising and expenditures and explaining
how donations were spent. State Attorney Ellen Rosenbaum issued a list of what she terms the "Top 20 Worst Charities" based on how little these organizations spend on administrtaive costs. Under guidelines issued by the Better Business Bureau
(BBB), organizations should dedicate at least 65% of their funds to charitable
programs, with no more than 35% toward administrative and fundraising costs. The
following charities registered to do business in Oregon failed to meet that standard
based on a three-year average of annual expenditures. This is not an exclusive list,
but represents the 20 charities that fell farthest from the BBB guidelines. For more
information, visit
Organization Average Annual Percent Spent On
Expenditures Charitable Cause

Law Enforcement $2,299,994 2.7%
Education Program
Troy, MI
Purpose: To create and support educational programs for the betterment of both
the general public and the law enforcement community.
Shiloh International $846,340 3.2%
La Verne, CA
Purpose: To improve the quality of life of America's disabled and needy children
by providing medical necessities and moral support.
American Medical $783,217 4.2%
Research Organization
Sarasota, FL
Purpose: To support medical research in the cause, cure, and treatment of
macular degeneration. 2
Firefighters Support $3,263,878 7.0%
Greenfield, MA
Purpose: To offer training programs and support injury prevention initiatives for
firefighters and other first responding public safety agencies.
Disabled Police Officers $681,599 7.4%
Counseling Center, Inc.
Niceville, FL
Purpose: To provide educational and counseling programs to assist disable
police officers, and to educate the public on the needs and abilities of disabled
police officers.
Woman to Woman Breast $4,921,015 8.0%
Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Purpose: To support women by promoting regular examinations, early detection
and aggressive treatment for those suffering from breast cancer.
Disabled Police $1,488,122 8.8%
Officers of America
Niceville, FL
Purpose: To provide financial scholarships to those disabled and retired law
enforcement officers requesting them.
Firefighters Charitable $6,924,179 8.8%
Farmingdale, NY
Purpose: To provide financial assistance to individuals who have been affected
by a fire or disaster and to support other disaster or prevention related charities,
and volunteer fire departments.

The Wishing Well $1,249,566 10.0%
Metairie, LA
Purpose: Fulfilling the fondest wish for any terminally ill child not expected to
reach 18 years of age.
Foundation for $6,655,583 10.2%
American Veterans, Inc.
West Bloomfield, MI
Purpose: Promoting social and recreational welfare for current and past U.S.
Armed Forces members, dependents, widows, widowers and others.
Dogs Against Drugs/ $1,042,284 11.1%
Dogs Against Crime
Anderson, IN
Purpose: Dedicated to the betterment of law enforcement K9 operations
throughout the United States.
National Vietnam $4,374,031 11.2%
Veterans Foundation
Alexandria, VA
Purpose: Funding of programs and projects which benefit American veterans
and their families.
Operation Lookout $1,589,751 11.5%
National Center for
Missing Youth
Everett, WA
Purpose: To locate missing children.
Committee for Missing $2,368,192 12.1%
Lawrenceville, GA
Purpose: Distribute pictures of missing children by encouraging educational
dealers, manufacturers and publishers to produce pages of missing children and
distribute them throughout the country.
Law Enforcement $2,932,662 14.6%
Legal Defense Fund
Arlington, VA
Purpose: Conduct research on legal issues, use and publish results of such
research; support and engage in litigation safeguarding human and civil rights;
and assist similar charitable and educational organizations. 4
Caring for Our $618,658 15.3%
Children Foundation
Everett, WA
Purpose: Provide administrative assistance to other non-profits and give small
grants to underfunded nonprofits that help victimized and missing children.
United American $1,625,517 18.4%
Patriots, Inc.
Greensboro, NC
Purpose: To value individual liberty, protect and preserve the Constitution of the
United States and our national sovereignty, to promote Free Enterprise, National
Defense, traditional American Values and the education of youth.
National Veterans $9,333,238 18.8%
Service Fund
Darien, CT
Purpose: To inform and educate in conjunction with service-related illnesses and
work to raise public awareness of the contributions of veterans to our society.
American Border $1,383,812 20.8%
Sierra Vista, AZ
Purpose: To monitor the border on regular basis and to educate the public about
border control issues.
Dakota Indian $1,255,942 21.7%
Chamberlain, SD
Purpose: Assist in education of Indian people and preservation of Native
American culture.

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