The Oregon Department of Human Services latest report on elder abuse carries few surprises but does list the top two forms of abuse and financial abuse is number one.  The report is a compliation of data taken from cases reported last year and indicates for those elderly who choose to stay in their own home instead of a licenced care center that they should guard against their own friends and family or suffer from financial abuse seeing years of savings and pension benefits ending up in someone else's pockets.  Last year DHS responded to 28,000 reports of elder abuse in Oregon. About ten percent of those cases were found to be true and in most cases it was elderly victims complaining about a family member who became responsible for the elder person's financial affairs taking advantage and draining savings for their own ends.

There are various factors involved but there are also warning signs one can look for if they suspect elder abuse is taking place. Those tips can be found on the DHS website.

The number two cause of elder abuse comes from lack of proper care or self neglect.  Less than 24% of founded cases of inadequate care were made at care facilities. 76% of those type complains that were founded came from elderly or disabled adults living in their own home.

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