Astoria Police responded to three sets of thefts from cars between 6:15 PM November 29, 2012 and 3:15 AM November 30, 2012. The third set resulted in the arrest of Joseph R. Williams, Age 23 of Astoria, on the one count of unlawful entry into a motor vehicle, three counts of attempted unlawful entry into a motor vehicle and a warrant from Warrenton Municipal Court.

At about 730 PM officers were notified of several vehicles in the area between Gray School and Floral and Alameda. Several vehicles had been ransacked but nothing was taken. From one vehicle a 12 pack of Pepsi was stolen and from another bible study books and diapers were taken. All of the vehicles entered were unlocked. The break ins all happened between 6:15 PM and 7:15 PM.

At about midnight, Officer Jason Robinson located an open vehicle in the 300 block of Alameda and about 45 minutes later Officers received a call of someone trying to break into vehicles at 346 Alameda. Officers were unable to locate the suspect. All vehicles entered were unlocked. Officers were not able to contact all of the owners.

At about 3:15 AM November 30, 2012 Officer Robinson and Sergeant Aydt received a call of a male subject trying to break into cars in the area of 38th and Franklin. The caller was on their front porch, unable to sleep, and watched a subject later identified as Williams, using a flashlight to look inside cars and enter one car. The caller watched Williams go down a trail that goes between Franklin and 38th street. Officers responded to the area with Officer Robinson going to the area of the caller and Sergeant Aydt going under the bridge. Aydt concealed himself behind a car in the darkness while waiting for Robinson to get to the area. Williams used his flashlight to look in the very car that Aydt was hiding behind. Aydt stood up, challenged Williams and took him into custody.

It is unknown if Williams is associated with the earlier entries into cars

This incident highlights the importance of locking your car doors and keeping valuables out of sight. No locked car was entered during this spree. Very seldom to Astoria Police receive complaints that locked cars were entered. Williams was using his flashlight to look for valuables in the cars he walked by. He was not trying the doors of every car making police believe that unless he saw something valuable he would pass the car by.

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