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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pacific Power crews have restored power to thousands of customers after a strong storm caused outages from Crescent City to Yakima, hitting the Oregon coast especially hard. However, soggy ground and high winds are continuing to create new outages and a second powerful storm is expected to come ashore overnight.


"People still need to be looking at safety as their top priority," said Doug Butler, Pacific Power's vice president of operations. "It looks as if some residents will be hit with more damaging weather so the potential for additional outages is strong. If you see any power line down, you have to treat it as a threat. Call 911 and then call us."

If your lights go out, first check your own breaker or fuse box to make sure the outage is not restricted to your residence. Customers should report a power outage toll free at 1-877-508-5088.

Pacific Power crews are at work on significant customer power outages in Clatsop, Lincoln and Coos counties. Wind has also caused outages in the Bend and Yakima areas during the day.

As of 5 p.m., Pacific Power had almost 15,000 customers without power, down from as many as 24,000 without power at one point earlier today. Approximately 8,900 customers are out in Clatsop County with Astoria, Warrenton, Knappa, Svensen and Seaside being the hardest hit communities. Cannon Beach has been substantially restored although scattered outages remain. Restoration work in the county has been hampered by flooding conditions and road closures due to trees across roads.

Lincoln City currently has about 2,600 customers without power and approximately 1,300 customers are currently affected in Coos County.

In a storm like this one with high winds and heavy rain, assessing damage and assigning the proper restoration methods and crews for repair are especially challenging, particularly when a new wave of bad weather hits. Local crews in coastal areas are being assisted by Pacific Power crews and equipment from Portland, Hood River and Bend as well as contract crews.

Important outage safety information on topics such as downed power lines, heater and generator safety and more is available online at The website also provides information about current power outages affecting 500 or more customers.

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