Three men were arrested Thursday morning by Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife troopers, with the assistance of Tillamook County deputies, following the unlawful killing of a cow elk on private property west of Tillamook. One of the suspects was apprehended following a brief foot chase and the other two suspects were found hiding in the woods near the site.


According to Sergeant Todd Hoodenpyl, on November 15, 2012 at approximately 7:30 a.m., OSP Trooper John King responded to private property on Kansas Creek Road near Highway 6 to investigate a report that a cow elk had been shot and the suspects were seen fleeing the area. After arriving and contacting the land owner, Trooper King saw a man with a bow, later identified as DERRICK R. HARDMAN, age 36, from Tillamook, sneaking up to the downed elk.

Trooper King drove into the field toward the man who then fled on foot into the woods. Trooper King chased on foot after the man, overtook and detained him. Shortly thereafter, the trooper found two other men hiding in the woods who were determined to be with the first suspect. They were identified as SHANE M. LASSLEY, age 33, from southeast Portland, and JON C. HARDMAN, age 37, from northeast Portland.

Subsequent investigation alleges LASSLEY shot the elk with a rifle and DERRICK HARDMAN shot it with the bow, and JON HARDMAN was helping them remove the elk from the area. None of the men had permission to hunt on the private property and elk season was closed.

The three men were taken into custody and lodged in the Tillamook County Jail. LASSLEY and DERRICK HARDMAN are being charged with Hunting Enclosed Lands of Another and Taking Elk Closed Season. JON HARDMAN is being charged with Aiding - Hunting Enclosed Lands of Another and Aiding - Taking Elk Closed Season.

Troopers salvaged the elk meat and donated it to the Tillamook County Jail.

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