The Clatsop County Sheriff's Office Criminal Division collaborated with Parole and Probation, Astoria Police, and a Secret Service agent to execute a search warrant at 3730 Harrison Avenue #2, in Astoria.  The warrant was obtained after receiving information that 27 year old Mitchell Nichols  was counterfeiting and passing American currency and creating false identifications.  The warrant revealed that the information received was indeed true and accurate.  Nichols is currently on Post Prison Supervision for Forgery in the 1st degree.  Nichols was arrested for numerous Post Prison Supervision violations including the use of illegal drugs and possessing narcotics paraphernalia.  Nichols is also facing new local and federal charges.  If you have any information or knowledge regarding Mitchell Nichols or his crimes of forgery or counterfeiting, please contact Deputy Chance Moore at the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office (503)325-8653.

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