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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Washington's passage of the Marijuana legalization measure has resulted in several jurisdictions backing off on some aspects of enforcement and in some counties cases involving small amounts of marijuana possession for personal use have been dismissed but the new law, which goes into effect in December doesn't prevent law enforcement from going after large-scale illegal growing operations


Pacific County deputies, in conjunction with the Pacific County Drug Task Force, On Friday entered a residential property to serve a search warrant  in the 2900 block of Grayland in Pacific County.  The initial warrant was for a violation of a court order.  Upon entry, the deputies discovered a significant amount of marijuana, most all of which was packaged for sale.  A solidly-built grow operation was on-site, however it appeared to be in-between harvests and no growing plants were found.  Approximately 8 lbs of packaged marijuana was confiscated, with initial estimates of its street worth being over $30,000.00.  Also confiscated were tens of thousands of dollars in cash,  two vehicles, and numerous pieces of evidence.  One of the confiscated vehicles was a special edition 2013 Chevrolet Corvette with just 108 miles on the odometer.

Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson stated, "The evidence shows that the owners recently traded in another late model Corvette, and paid the new vehicle off in cash.  We're talking about a transaction of about $74,000 dollars not including sales tax.  Deputies believe that a third vehicle that belongs at the residence,  a newer special edition SUV, was purchased with cash as well.  It was not at the residence at the time the warrant was served.  I don't know very many people that are unemployed that have two newer high-end cars and that much cash laying around.  The person we arrested had no teeth. I heard him tell a Corrections Officer he couldn't afford dentures...he obviously had no idea we had found his cash at that point".

The Grays Harbor Drug Task Force is currently assisting with the investigation.  "Our joint task force operating agreement has been invaluable to us in situations like this", Johnson said.  "We have been working simultaneously with our partnering agencies from the surrounding counties".     Johnson credits the hard work and persistence of his deputies for bringing this case to fruition.  "Besides the seizure of the vehicles, it is likely that a full seizure of the residence will occur as well", he said.

Wayne Dean Bisterfelt, age 57, was arrested for violation of an anti-harassment order.  He was booked into the Pacific County Jail in South Bend.  It is anticipated that additional charges, and forfeiture orders will be filed by the Pacific County Prosecutor's Office the first of next week.

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