In a development that Washington state must be watching, the federal government is attempting to seize two properties near Medford in Oregon that were used to grow medical marijuana.


Federal prosecutors filed forfeiture papers Wednesday in federal court in Portland against land where James Bowman grew High Hopes marijuana. Voters in Washington approved a measure that would legalize pot for recreational use which conflicts directly with federal law.

The properties in the Applegate Valley in Oregon were raided in September by DEA agents who pulled up more than 800 plants and seized more than 400 pounds of dried marijuana. Bowman has not been charged with a crime.

The properties include a residence owned by Bowman's girlfriend, valued at $173,000, and a nearby rented piece of property valued at $1.27 million. The owner said Bowman told him not to worry about federal seizure because he was following the letter of Oregon's medical marijuana program.

An Oregon measure that would have legalized marijuana for recreational use and tax it like alcohol failed at the polls.

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