Saturday, May 28, 2016

The updated unofficial elections results released by the Clatsop County Clerks office. In the county's tightly contested races the third results showing:

  • Clatsop County Sheriff- Tom Bergin leading with 55.4% of the votes over Jim Pierce's 44%.
  • Astoria Ward 2 - Drew Herzig 53% to Peter Roscoe's 46%
  • Astoria Ward 4 - Russ Warr with 91%
  • Warrenton Commissioner Position 1 - Mark Kujala with 69.5% to Merianne Myers 30%
  • Warrenton Commissioner Position 2 - Henry Balensifer III with 53.6% to Roble Anderson 46%
  • Warrenton Commissioner Position 3 - Tom Dyer with 58.5% to Ken Yuill with 34.2%
  • In Clatsop County Measure 80 which would have allowed personal use of marijauana - 53% rejecting that measure.
  • In Clatsop County Measure 81 which would have prohibited gilnet fishing in Oregon - 87% rejecting that measure.
  • In Warrenton 87.5% voting to amend the charter requiring the election of Mayor.

Click here to view a full copy of the latest results online.

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