Updated 4pm:  Cary Woodard, the 61-year-old shooting suspect is in custody. Oregon State Police SWAT team members took him into custody around 12:10 a.m. after a short struggle. Medics transported him to an area hospital with unknown injuries that were not life-threatening. CCSO deputies then brought the suspect to the Columbia County Jail, where he was lodged on charges of menacing and felon in possession of a firearm. The scene was also processed for evidence under a search warrant on the property.  


The Search warrant produced evidence of a marijuana growing operation at the residence, and the Sheriff's Office is following up on that through the Columbia Enforcement Narcotics Team (CENT). One resident is listed as a "Caregiver," but the 19 mature plants there were not appropriately being grown at that location.

Columbia County Sheriff's deputies, with the help of a number of outside agencies arrested the 61-year-old shooting suspect after a nearly 10-hour standoff in the Clatskanie area last night.

Deputies responded to the vicinity of 18382 Co Op Rd., west of Clatskanie, at 2:20 p.m. last night after receiving reports that Cary Lee Woodard of Clatskanie had gone berserk during a squabble at the residence there. Woodard reportedly took a .22-caliber, bolt-action rifle and began firing it off in the house.

Residents in the home fled the area uninjured, going to a neighbor's house to call 9-1-1.  Story continues below...

As they responded to the scene, deputies learned that Woodard had a criminal history of arrest for murder, but had been convicted of a lesser offense (manslaughter). The victims in this case also reported that Woodard would resist arrest.

The Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) was activated. Officers and deputies on the team responded and took up perimeter positions, but waited for a response from the Oregon State Police SWAT team, which had been already been previously deployed in another location.

OSP SWAT team members began arriving around 9 p.m. The Sheriff's Office was assisted by officers from the Clatskanie, Rainier, Columbia City, St. Helens and Scappoose Police Departments, as well as the Oregon State Police. Two tactical dispatchers from Columbia 911 were also on scene and assisted with tactical operations.

"My thanks to the OSP SWAT team and the officers from the agencies in our county who stepped up to help us in this life-threatening situation," said Sheriff Jeff Dickerson. "Thanks also to the firefighters of the Clatskanie Fire District who stood by throughout the ordeal, and to the dispatchers of the Columbia 911 communications district who helped immensely during the standoff."


Police first responded around 2:20pm to a house in Clatskanie Friday for what ended up to be a 10-hour standoff. Cary Woodward, 51 was inside his house with a .22 caliber rifle which he had allegedly fired. Woodward reportedly had became very upset following an argument.  Police activated their critical incident response team and an Oregon State Police SWAT team provided assistance at the scene.

Deputies learned Woodward had previously been convicted of manslaughter. Woodward was taken into custody around 12:10am on Saturday. He was transported to a hospital. Its not clear the extent of his injuries. He faces various charges including felon in possession of a firearm.

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