Washington County Sheriff's Office worked together this week with five other Sheriff's Offices to build a trail at the Jewell School in Clatsop County. The Jewell school district allows the Sheriff's Office to use their buildings and surrounding area every summer to hold a Search and Rescue Training Academy (SARTA)

The trail will provide the community and the school with a two mile trail through the dense forested area adjacent to the school property. The new trail will provide a moderately difficult hike through the woods with a gravel and wood chip base. Washington County along with Clatsop, Multnomah, Clackamas, Yamhill, and Marion County Sheriff's Offices utilized their inmate work crews to provide the labor for the project.

There were more than 60 inmate workers providing over 700 hours of labor to complete the trail construction. County Sheriff's inmate crews often work
on smaller clean-up projects in parks or on the roadways.

Washington County Jail Inmate "Doug" said he enjoyed the program and enjoyed doing something good for the community. Residents used to walk on the county road or the track at the school prior to the trails construction.

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett said, "This is a great way to give back to the Jewell community whose facilities are an important part of training our Search and Rescue personnel."  Washington County Search and Rescue deploy more than 25 times a year to locate lost or missing people.

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