Clatsop County Drug Task Force Detectives with the assistance of the Seaside Police Department arrested Levi Dennis Broome, 29, of Seaside, on charges of Possession of Marijuana, Manufacture of Marijuana and Delivery of Marijuana.
Numerous citizen complaints led to an investigation of Broome.  Detectives learned Broome, who was employed by Dwayne's Shuttle taxi company, was selling a considerable amount of marijuana while driving taxi.  Detectives were able to gather evidence and confirm Broome's criminal activities by purchasing marijuana.
Detectives located Broome at his residence, 921 Avenue I in Seaside, where Seaside Police Officers arrested Broome pursuant to the DTF investigation.  Detectives seized close to four ounces of marijuana.  Broome was booked and lodged at the Clatsop County Jail where he was charged with Possession and Delivery of a controlled substance.

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