Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just before 9:00pm Monday night Astoria Fire Department responded to a report of smoke in a building at 37573 Old Highway 30, Tongue Point Job Corp, Dormitory 3. 

Fire personnel arrived on scene at 8:58pm to a three story building with smoke and a large amount of heat in the boiler room in the basement of the building.  All students had evacuated the building prior to arrival.  Fire personnel searched the building for smoke and ensure all students and staff had exited the building.  A malfunction had caused the boiler to overheat, reaching temperatures over 900 degrees and setting the insulation in the walls of the boiler on fire. Power and fuel to the boiler were secured, the fire was brought under control and fans were set up in the boiler room to remove the smoke.


This was a "First Alarm Fire" providing additional resources from Lewis & Clark Fire District and Olney-Walluski Fire District.  Fifteen fire personnel, four engines, and two command vehicles were on scene.  Warrenton Fire Department stood by the Astoria Fire Department to provide coverage to the City of Astoria.

Astoria Fire Department would like to remind everyone to check their smoke detectors monthly.  Smoke detectors can alert the occupants of a fire, but fire sprinkler systems can extinguish a fire.  Fire Sprinkler systems provide a protection of investments, irreplaceable items, and may lower insurance rates.

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