Wednesday evening four of the six Warrenton City Commission candidates took part in a Candidate Forum hosted at Warrenton city hall by North Coast Republican Women.  Included in the forum were  Mark Kujala, Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill.  Absent were Merianne Myers and Roble Anderson.  The candidates addressed many topics including the vision of Warrenton's future, taxes, development, youth in Warrenton & utility rates.

Included in this post are the full answers from each of the candidates to all questions asked by community members in attendance.  Click here to listen to the full forum audio.


  • Candidate Introductions: Order:  Mark Kujala, Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill
  • What is your vision for the future of Warrenton?  What would you change first, right now, if you could? Order:  Mark Kujala, Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill
  • How do you feel about the sale of public lands to private parties?  Do you feel that these transactions should have full public disclosure... or should be negotiated in executive session?  Order:  Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill, Mark Kujala
  • Question for Henry Balensifer:  How do you successfully handle controversy in your prior public service? Order:  Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill, Mark Kujala, Tom Dyer
  • Warrenton has grown from a community to a town, now its a city.  Needed structural improvements for water, sewer, levies and drainage are major issues facing the city of Warrenton.  How should the city pay for these issues?  Order:   Ken Yuill, Henry Balensifer, Tom Dyer, Mark Kujala
  • How can the city commission create a business friendly environment to increase jobs for the community? Order:   Mark Kujala, Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill
  • Where do you see Warrenton business growth in five years? Order: Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill, Mark Kujala,
  • Will each canidate pledge not to vote for any increase in taxes?  Why or why not?  Order:   Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill, Tom Dyer, Mark Kujala
  • What should the relationship be between the city commission and the city staff?   Order:  Ken Yuill, Henry Balensifer, Tom Dyer, Mark Kujala
  • Has Warrenton's gas tax been a good thing for Warrenton?  Order:   Mark Kujala, Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill
  • Is there an opportunity for the city commission to have a relationship with our Warrenton students in our school?  Order: Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill, Mark Kujala
  • Closing statements.  Order:   Mark Kujala, Tom Dyer, Henry Balensifer, Ken Yuill


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