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Friday, March 27, 2015

The workgroup tasked with considering reforms to fisheries on the lower Columbia River, including the eventual removal of commercial gill nets from the mainstem, met in Portland on Oct. 18 at the Airport Embassy Suites. A news release prepared by Clatsop County states that the County Board of Commissioners has gone on record opposing a proposal by Gov. John Kitzhaber to restrict commercial salmon gillnet fishing on the lower Columbia River.



The Columbia River Fisheries Management Reform Workgroup includes commissioners from the Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife Commissions, staff from departments of fish and wildlife, as well as advisors from various stakeholder groups. It was created at the request of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to consider changes to sport and commercial fisheries on the lower Columbia River.

The workgroup is to develop and present a plan to the Oregon and Washington Commissions before the end of the year that will achieve several objectives outlined by Kitzhaber. These include:

Prioritize selective recreational fisheries in the mainstem Columbia River and commercial fisheries in off-channel areas of the lower mainstem Columbia River.Phase out the use of commercial gill nets in the mainstem Columbia River and transition the use of gill nets to off-channel areas.Allocate a majority of available salmon to the sport anglers.Improve off-channel fisheries by increasing hatchery production in those areas and by enhancing area boundaries and/or locations.Continue development and use of alternative selective fishing gear for commercial mainstem fisheries, and implement these fisheries when recreational fishery objectives are met.

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