Astoria Community Development Director Brett Estes will be adding another hat as the city council approved adding the title 'Assistant City Manager" to his community development job Monday night.  City Manager Paul Benoit told KAST news that the suggestion to move Estes into that position was his as part of the overall restructuring of city government.

 Benoit said that Estes travels in a different crowd than he does which helps add another dimension to city management.  He said Estes does have career ambitions which could someday lead to a city manager job and filling the role of Assistant Manager will help him learn some of the complexities of the job.  Benoit said that Department Heads will not report directly to Estes, nor will he be responsible for directing other departments unless Benoit isn't available.  "Who knows" Benoit says "I could get hit by a truck and without an assistant manager in place things could come to a grinding halt".  Benoit said that he will begin informing Estes about the areas where he has not had previous experience and Estes will have a place at the table for executive sessions.  " I'll hold nothing back from Brett, full disclosure" said Benoit.


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