On September 29, 2012 at 2:20 am, Astoria Police Officer Joe Symonds saw a Motorcycle that failed to stop at the stop sign at 7th and Astor. Based on other observations Officer Symonds also suspected the operator of the motorcycle was impaired. Officer Symonds attempted to make a traffic stop on Marine Drive near 1st Street.

The motorcycle operator initially began to yield to Officer Symonds lights then accellerated rapidly. By the time he passed Portway on West Marine the operator of the motorcycle was exceeding 90 MPH. He continued onto the New Youngs Bay Bridge where his speeds surpassed 100 MPH. The pursuit traveled to SE Marlin where the motorcyclist began trying to make a southbound turn. It appeared he could not slow enough to make the turn and continued South on Hwy 101 to the Fort Stevens Hwy Spur where the Motorcyclist crossed the center median and turned south toward Alt Hwy 101. The pursuit continued across the Lewis and Clark Bridge at speeds of 90 MPH and through Miles Crossing onto Youngs River Road. On Youngs River Road near Wireless Road the motorcyle left the roadway crashing into the brush. The entire pursuit lasted seven minutes.

The driver was identified as Marvin Johnson, Age 33 of Astoria.  He was transported to CMH by Medix Ambulance. Johnson had non life threatening injuries but was kept at CMH for observation. The case will be forwarded to the Clatsop County DA's office to determine appropriate charges.

Near the end of the pursuit Officer Symonds was joined by a Clatsop County Sheriffs Deputy. As with all pursuits the Astoria Police Department will review the pursuit to determine if it was in keeping with the Astoria Police Department's policies.

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