The City of Astoria has announced the inclusion of Astoria Maps, a publicly accessible
Geographical Information System (GIS), on its website, The Astoria
Maps link is located on the left side of the City website.

Maps can be accessed by
anyone wishing to find information on tax lots, flood zone, topographic layout, or zoning
districts within Astoria city limits. Astoria Maps GIS will allow citizens to access the
above mentioned information 24 hours a day.
The new map contains an approximation of tax lot lines with a 2010 aerial photograph
background. Information such as the applicable zoning district of the property and
topography lines for the property can also be accessed. One can zoom in with the
controls on the lower left of the map and click on a tax lot to display more information
about the lot. Tips on how to use the program are included at the top of the Astoria
Maps page. For questions on how to use this program, please contact the Astoria
Community Development Department at 503.338.5183.


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