Tuesday afternoon an Astoria police officer received a report from an employee at the Sunset Empire Transportation District building at 900 Exchange that her iPhone had been stolen from her private office space. Using the "Find My iPhone" feature of the phone, Officer Shepherd learned that the phone was currently located at the Mini Mart on Marine Drive.

The officer responded to the area but because there were several people at the store he was unable to determine where the phone was. Calling the phone he found that Scott Simons, Age 23 of Oysterville WA had the phone in his possession. 

Investigation revealed that Simons had entered an unlocked door at the business went past the signs indicating "authorized personnel only" and into the private office area of the victim. The victim was in the building in a meeting and her office was unattended. Officer Shepherd learned that Simons was on probation for Agravated Theft. He had been jailed on a probation violation and relased to day reporting. During the arrest of Simons police located a large amount of drug paraphernalia and heroin residue. 

Simons was charged with Burglary II, Theft II, and Possession of Heroin. He was lodged at the Clatsop County Jail. 

Astoria Police encourage anyone who has a device capable of being tracked to invest in the free applications that are available to track them. They are invaluable to getting devicies returned to their original owners.  The "find my IPhone" app is a standard application on the new IPhone 5 and is part of the latest software update for users of some models of older IPhones.  The application allows users to locate any apple device, such as IPads or IPods they may own on a map and allows users to set off an alarm that sounds on the device remotely or remotely erase the device memory if that becomes necessary.  The data can usually be restored using ITunes if the device is recovered.

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