On September 26, 2012 Astoria Police were notified that Alaina Davis had turned herself in to Eureka CA PD. She was deteained by Eureka PD and her mother is on the way to pick her up.

 She left home on Sunday evening September 23 and was last seen in the area of 29th street and the Riverwalk at about 6:00 pm. Davis was reported missing to Astoria Police on September 24th through the Astoria High School.

Police have received reports that she may be with Thomas Browne, age 17, unknown address. Police have contacted friends of Davis who have attempted to contact her but have not been able to. Several believe that she may be attempting to hitchhike to CA. Browne does not appear to have a permenent address. Browne will turn 18 next week. He is not listed as a missing person. 


darker than the image.

Included as well picture of Browne is from his Facebook page. It is unknown how current the picture is. 

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