Thursday, May 26, 2016

Late Wednesday afternoon members of the Fire Investigation Team (FIT) completed their initial investigation of the fire scene from Tuesday’s fire. The fire destroyed two buildings on Avenue B and one building on Avenue A. The fire also caused smoke and water damage to two other businesses on Avenue A. 

 Investigators have concluded that the fire’s area of origin was in the Northwest corner of an empty commercial building located at 780 Avenue B. This building was originally a commercial laundry that was empty and for sale. The source of the fire is currently undetermined and the investigation is ongoing. Seaside Police are awaiting final reports from the Oregon State Police.

 The fire was reported Tuesday morning at 9:26 a.m. at 780 Avenue B with smoke and flames visible in an alcove area on the West side of the building. The fire spread to the adjacent residence at 760 Avenue B which was unoccupied and also for sale. The fire quickly spread to the Seaside Foods located at 781 Avenue A which is just north of where the fire started. That building was engulfed in flames and was a total loss. Two additional businesses located at 751 and 741 Avenue suffered smoke and water damage. 

 Vehicle traffic was re-opened on Avenue A however Avenue B remains closed due to safety concerns on Avenue B between S. Roosevelt and S. Holladay. The Seaside Police Department is continuing their investigation asking anyone who may have information concerning the fire to contact them at 503-738-6311.


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