In a live interview Thursday morning Astoria School District Superintendent Craig Hoppes said not all the players involved in a overnight stay at Warren Field on August 27 took part in the drugs and alcohol party that happened but still broke the rules by not reporting the actions of the other players to a team coach.

Hoppes says that the policy is very clear in requiring that if any student attends an event where illegal drugs are present or underage drinking is taking place they must leave the event and inform school authorities, in this case a coach, that the illegal activity is taking place or suffer the consequences. He said matters were made worse because this happened on school property with coaches asleep nearby.

In recounting what happened Hoppes said that the students were closely supervised until about 3:30 in the morning when the last coach decided to turn in.  It was after that that some of the students broke out the alcohol and marijuana.  Later that morning the coaches realized what had happened in those few early morning hours.

In Thursday's interview Hoppes said that the 28 students involved are subject to disciplinary action that includes the forfeit of the next three varsity games, no possibility of accepting the Cowapa League Championship title and the district will review the student's performance on a regular basis which if unsatisfactory could lead to no participation in post season play.  Hoppes said that following the school district investigation the matter was turned over to Astoria Police for further investigation. He said someone supplied the drugs and the alcohol to the players and he want's to know who that was.

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