The call came just before 6:00pm Saturday evening with reports of a wildland fire.  First on the scene was Lewis & Clark but by 6:40pm the call was made for additional departments.

The blaze happened off of Lewis and Clark Road about 8.5 miles south of Astoria in an area known as Pig Pen Crossing on the edge of the Lewis and Clark fire district.

Dave Horning with the Oregon Department of Forestry office in Astoria described it as a text book wind-driven fire.  The fire formed a V-formation or pie shape as flames were driven by the wind and  fanned out from the fires origin.  

About 45 firefighters from area departments fought the fire for aproximately three hours.  Responding departments included Warrenton, Astoria, Knappa, Gearhart, Olney Walluski, Lewis & Clark and the Department of Forestry.

This was the third wildland fire in the past three days.  The blaze consumed an estimated two to three acres mainly consisting of brush, slash piles and small trees.  This is the second largest wildland fire of the year since the February five acre blaze in Svensen.

By 10:30 the fire was largely contained with smoldering slash piles.  An excavator was on scene by 11pm to begin digging a line around the fire.  Department of Forestry crews were on scene throughout the evening.

Horning will be leading the investigation into the cause of the fire.  Horning does not believe the fire was caused by natural causes.  The fire was most likely human caused.  Some of the suspected causes include an intentional burn, juveniles or possibly a ciggarette from someone in the woods.  Horning indicated he may call in an ODF investigator from Salem.

Ron Tyson, the Fire Cheif from Ollney Wulluski said they lucked out with the weather saying it would have been another story had this fire happend Friday.  Tyson said this fire showed good interagency cooperation.

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