The second open period in the Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. non-selective recreational coho fishery was very successful throughout the open area with an average catch rate of 0.79 salmon per angler. The preliminary estimated total landings for the three days are 2,020 coho and 470 Chinook for 3,154 angler trips.  This leaves 4,059 coho remaining on the adjusted quota of 11,800.

The non-selective coho fishery is expected to continue as scheduled for the next period of Thursday, Sept. 13 through Saturday, Sept. 15. On days not open for coho retention, the Chinook season remains open. The fishery will continue on a Thursday through Saturday schedule through the earlier of the 11,800 coho quota or Sept. 22.

Anglers are reminded that single point barbless hooks are required for all ocean salmon angling including during the non-selective coho season. Single point barbless hooks have been required in all ocean salmon seasons off Oregon since 1986, as a means to reduce hook and release mortality of any salmon that is released including sublegal fish, or smaller fish than an angler may wish to retain.

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