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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
The Astor Street Opry Company crowned the 2012 winners for the 9th annual Miss Virginia and Miss Vivian contest Shanghaied Costume Ball last Saturday night at the ASOC Playhouse before a full house of excited fans!  

The 2012 Third place Miss Vivian went to Miss Teresa Hawkins Bubba’s, Second Misses Sally Jorgensen & Sara Caron Astoria Liquor Store, and First  place went to Miss Janine Pickering Labor Temple, who raised over $1710 for the ASOC coffers.
Third place for 2012 Miss Virginia went to Jessica Krotzer & Allex Kutrich from KickAss Koffee PM, Second place Miss Kristy Cross of the Rusty Cup and First place to Misses Brooke Doolittle & Dawna Reynolds from KickAss Koffee AM.
Also announced were Best Shanghaied Cocktail, Miss Teresa Hawkins from Bubba’s of Warrenton and Best Shanghaied Trap Door Tale which went to Miss Janine Pickering of the Labor Temple. Best Shanghaied Coffee Drink went to Misses Brooke Doolittle & Dawna Reynolds from KickAss Koffee. Best Miss Virginia Love Story was told by Miss Kristy Cross of the Rusty Cup.
Best Miss Vivian Costume also went to Miss Janine Pickering Labor Temple and Best Miss Virginia costume to Miss Dawna Reynolds from KickAss Koffee. Best Costumes for other attendees included for female Serena Bower and male Bobby Blackwell. Best Couple went to Terrie and Lawrence MacDonald.
The 9th Annual Contest and was a huge success for the ASOC with the contestants from over 20 different coffee houses and taverns and bars raising over $7000 in buttons sales at their local establishments for the general good works of this popular local community theatre group.

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