Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Marinas around the Astoria/Warrenton area are packed with trucks and boat trailers this morning as the Buoy Ten salmon fishery kicks into high gear.  Conditions couldn't be better with cloudy cool weather and a light sprinkle that experts say should trigger the returning salmon off shore to begin that trip up river to spawn.

Eager fishermen lined up early at the boat ramp at the east end mooring basin off Leif Erickson Drive cramming the highway with vehicles and trailers.  The Port of Astoria has imposed a parking fee for the lot at the basin this year and this will be the first serious test of the staff plan to redirect traffic in the popular launching spot.

Police agencies are out in force this morning on roadways leading to boat ramps looking for aggressive drivers and to make sure all laws regarding parking are followed in addition to stressing DUII enforcement. 

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