Thursday Pacific County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a complaint that a registered sex offender was working at the carnival (Hayworth Family Shows) at the Pacific County Fair.  Lt. J. Bergstrom and Deputy R. Tully contacted Philip Curtis Shelly a Level II Registered Sex Offender,  age 51, and determined he was wanted by Washington State Dept. of Corrections on multiple counts of having contact with minor children while working  at a booth at the Clallam County Fair during the past week.

The case is currently under investigation, and there may be charges filed in Clallam County for violations of his parole.  Shelly was convicted in 1998 for Rape of a child in the First Degree and served time in prison for the charge. 
There is no indication at this time that any children were harmed in any way at the Pacific County Fair. County Sheriff Scott Johnson states "I appreciate the notification from DOC that Shelly may have travelled with the carnival to Pacific County, and I am pleased that Lt. Bergstrom and Deputy Tully were very aggressive in quickly locating and arresting him”.  Representatives from Hayworth Family Shows may have been unaware of Shelly’s criminal history, and they were very cooperative in assisting law enforcement efforts.   
Shelly is being held in the Pacific County Jail pending extradition.

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