On August 26th at approximately 02:30 a.m. Officers responded to a report of a male who was assaulted and knocked out at 50 N. Prom, Seaside, OR. Officers contacted Jordan S. Hunt, age 23 of Portland on the Prom at Broadway and the left side of his face was covered in blood. He could not answer what day it was and I believed he may have a concussion. He was transported to Providence Seaside Hospital by Medix.

Four witnesses contacted officers telling them they saw what happened. They told officers that two males were arguing with the victim Hunt. The parties were pushing each other and then Hunt turned around to walk away from the situation. The witnesses said the younger of the two males, later identified as Devan M. Flukinger, age 21 of Seaside came up behind Hunt and punched him on with a closed fist. The witnesses said Hunt was instantly knocked out, hit the ground, and was bleeding and snoring. The male then reached into Hunt's pocket while he was unconscious and removed his wallet. The suspect and the other male took off to the beach.

Officers were able to locate the suspect,  Flukinger with the other male present during the argument and assault. Flukinger admitted he got into an altercation with Hunt but denied the assault. The witnesses to the assault positively identified Flukinger as the person who assaulted Hunt and took his wallet. At the time of the arrest Flukinger was in possession of two Visa Cards belonging to Hunt. Officers were able to locate the Hunt’s wallet on the beach. Flukinger was transported to the Clatsop County Jail where he is awaiting arraignment on charges of Assault II, Robbery 1, and Identity Theft.

Hunt was initially treated at Providence Seaside Hospital for the laceration to his forehead, a concussion, and a broken jaw. He was later transported to a trauma center in Portland by ambulance.

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