Thursday, May 26, 2016
Two pieces of the massive 201-ton dock that was washed away from the city of Misawa on Japan’s northeast coast by the devastating March 2011 tsunami and landed on Oregon’s Agate Beach this past June have now arrived at the Oregon Historical Society.  According to Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation, the dock is one of only five large pieces of confirmed tsunami related debris to hit the coasts of Washington, Alaska, and Oregon.

Oregon Historical Society Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk said when the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation began the process of dismantling and removing the dock, she expressed interest in obtaining a piece for the society’s permanent collection.

The pieces of the dock that the Oregon Historical Society received are two metal boat tie offs, each weighing an estimated 20 pounds.   They will be on display starting August 31st  in the “Treasures of the Vault” exhibit at the museum through December 30.  Admission to the museum is $11 and more information is available online at

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