When Newport salmon fishermen Kevin Bastein hooked a large salmon he was happy, but also a little surprised by what he saw when he landed the fish. The salmon had a yellow coloring around the head and middle by the belly and even inside the mouth.

He said they checked it and the meat appeared fine, the only coloring was on the outside. He sold the salmon along with the others that he caught that day to the local fish processing plant. Kevin said in his over 35-years as a salmon fishermen he has caught salmon with a slight yellow tint but this was a first for him.

According to Laurie Weitkamp NOAA fish biologist they are trying to learn more about how prevalent it is and what causes the yellow such as if it is diet, or different genetics. She said they have seen yellow salmon before in other areas of the world and think it might be an unusuall color morph.

She said they would like to have a whole fish with the insides still intact to be able to do more testing to verify if this was just a natural color morph for the fish or if it has something wrong with it such as a type of fish jaundice. She said when she saw the fish it looked completely healthy, it was just yellow. When compared to another salmon on board the meat was identical.


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