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Friday, March 27, 2015
Contractors spent Tuesday, July 31 preparing Agate Beach for the start of a project to remove the derelict dock that has been there since June 5. Removal work begins Wednesday afternoon, August 1.
Ballard Diving and Salvage and subcontractors assembled a 100-ton lift capacity crane, established a safety zone around the work site, and excavated sand from around the base of the dock. The excavation allowed the workers to insert thin plastic pipe beneath the dock. A diamond-coated cable will be threaded through the pipe Wednesday afternoon, then attached to a motor which will be installed on top of the dock. The machine -- called a wire saw -- will be used to cut the dock into sections. The crane will place the dock sections on nearby flatbed semi-trucks for transport to the Portland are a for final disassembly and recycling.

Cutting could finish as soon as end of the day Thursday, though some work may spill over into Friday. Conditions could change, affecting the schedule.

Because the main beach access is being used by the contractor, a temporary footbridge has been erected between the main parking area and the beach. Visitors are reminded to respect the safety zone around the dock, and keep a tight rein on pets and children when visiting the work site.

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