The Astoria City Council met in an unusual morning session Thursday and approved the purchase and installation of a new engraved granite sign celebrating the city's connection with the United States Coast Guard.

The sign, designed by city councilor Russ Warr, who owns Astoria Granite Works, is intended for a spot near the Columbia River maritime Museum on the city riverwalk in front of the 17th street pier where two Coast Guard cutters are stationed.

The elegantly simple design features the Coast Guard logo set in the guard's familiar service colors with the word "Astoria" engraved next to it and at the bottom some words recognizing the towns's designation as a Coast Guard City.  The council wanted to make sure there would be adequate room for people to stand next to the sign for photographs and the base will be made wider to make room for that need.  The small area around the base will be landscaped with grass and low scrubs.

The installation will take place after the massive overhaul of the 17th street dock is completed which city staff suggests may be sometime in January of 2013.

The council met at 8:30 Thursday morning and has cancelled the meeting that was scheduled for next Monday.

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