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Friday, March 27, 2015
A second attempt to use the wire saw on the Agate Beach dock proved successful and contractors were able to detach a section of the structure late Thursday afternoon. The object was heavier than expected -- approximately 47 tons -- and was too massive for the flatbed semi-truck on hand. Instead of removing the first section from the beach right away, it will sit there overnight until a larger-capacity flatbed is delivered Friday morning. Crews will continue to work until dark Thursday, use the wire saw to cut the dock up all day Friday, and currently expect to finish cleaning the site sometime Saturday (a day later than originally planned).

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists Steve Rumrill and Mitch Vance inspected the bottom of the dock section and found evidence of non-native organisms, including pink Japanese acorn barnacles, but none were living and the debris will not require special containment before being removed from the beach. The dock section has been wrapped in plastic to prevent rigid foam from falling onto the beach overnight.

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